Lifestyle Awaits

A series of in-house versions for a luxury apartment and townhouse development in Sydney’s south east. Each key element formed the basis for a range of digital and printed formats. We created the visuals in CGI with a combination of photography and paper texture.

Client: The National Grid / The Drawing Arm


Welcoming the all-new Holden Commodore! We worked with the Monkeys team in Melbourne to add the finishing touches to the 2018 range. 

Client: Holden
Agency: The Monkeys, Melbourne
Art Direction: Steve Thurlby
Producer: Katie Wellbelove
Photography: Drew Dunlop (Betty Wants In)/ Holden Corporate Affairs


Working with Marcel and Luxotica we created animations and high resolution stills rolled out for multiple media. Working with photographer Gary Compton, Manifold handled photography and footage before adding the final polish in post. This included green screen footage, 3d animation and photography. 

Client: Luxotica
Agency: Marcel, Sydney
Art Direction: Les Sharpe
Producer: Simon Davis
Photography (Stills & motion): Manifold/Gary Compton.


A concept emphasising the power of Mortein's bug zapping formula.
We created some custom type and the surrounding environment in CGI to work alongside product photography and stock.
Client: Mortein
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Sydney
Art Direction: Tom Twiby
Production: Claudia Brookes
Photography: Danny Eastwood - Pool Collective


A project we created alongside award winning photographer Michael Corridore (Photoplay films) for Ward6 depicting a specific course of medical treatment using a glitch sequence as the hero device.

The glitch represents a need for a total "reset" to the immune system of a patient who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and the treatment has the desired impact to remove or “reset” the glitch in the immune system.

The effect was designed and created from the ground up to facilitate the flexibility the project required. The final effect is a result of layering a series of highly customisable elements that were rendered in 3D over the base imagery. Each element could be manipulated in shape, speed and scale independently to reveal specific sections of distortion and finer details.

The glitch effects were also translated to a host of other video assets, including text based key selling messages, which accompany the hero motion pieces when displayed at various medical conferences.

Client: Sanofi Genzyme
Agency: Ward 6, Sydney
Art Direction: Holly Philip
Photography, Photoplay: Michael Corridore
Account Director: Christina Salisbury
Executive Producer, Photoplay: Alison Lydiard
Producer, Photoplay: Ross Colebatch
Senior Product Manager, Sanofi: Kirilly Middleton

Aus Defence Force - Category 5

Havas approached us with a brief to create a detailed poster to accompany a VR experience to be used as a recruitment tool for the next generation of smart thinkers. The VR experience aims to shift perspectives and mindsets and includes challenges based on real life aid operations. 

Using a variety of tools we set about creating a dramatic environment for the poster which included CGI and photographic elements.

Client: Defence Force Recruiting
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Sydney
ECD: Seamus Higgins
Art Direction: Helen King
Head of Design: Darren Cole
Production: Thea Clausen

Miller Chill Icy Island

This recent project for Miller Chill employed more than a few of our CGI tricks and careful use of photography to obtain the perfect blend of refreshment and 'chill'. Our system to create 3d spritz in-house was redeveloped for a more natural look. Additional simulations were also carried out to form the icy island surrounding the virtual bottle and schooner. 

Client: Miller
Agency: The Works, Sydney
Art Direction: Chris Dwyer
Production: Maria Galang
Photography: Gary Compton (elements)


Aus Defence


Inside Out

Inside Out - A short film by Director Christopher Ireland examines the juxtaposition of housing commission residents in one of Sydney's most affluent suburbs. Working closely with Chris we created a series of natural colour grades to suit his 'moving portraits'. The work was part of the Head On photo festival 2017 and displayed as part of the 'Pool IX' exhibition. 

Director - Christopher Ireland
Colour Grading - Manifold
Sound Design - Declan Harsent

Defence Force Recruiting

Havas approached us to create a unique look for a series of portraits for Defence Force Recruiting. The brand campaign focuses on training and the diverse career opportunities within the Navy. Working closely with Havas and photographer Chris Ireland, photographic plates were carefully combined in post to achieve the double exposure look.

Client: Defence Force Recruiting
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Sydney
ECD: Seamus Higgins
Art Direction: Mick Healy
Project Director: Chris Hulsman
Production: Emily Fitzpatrick
Photography: Christopher Ireland - Pool Collective (talent), Stock


Flipp approached us to colour grade a small motion piece for Lindt. The 'Give The Gift Of Bliss' promo was run over the Christmas break on various media channels.

Client: Lindt
Photo Agency: Flipp
Producer: Clinton Bell
Photography: Jem Creswell
Colour Grading: Manifold