A project we created alongside award winning photographer Michael Corridore (Photoplay films) for Ward6 depicting a specific course of medical treatment using a glitch sequence as the hero device.

The glitch represents a need for a total "reset" to the immune system of a patient who is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and the treatment has the desired impact to remove or “reset” the glitch in the immune system.

The effect was designed and created from the ground up to facilitate the flexibility the project required. The final effect is a result of layering a series of highly customisable elements that were rendered in 3D over the base imagery. Each element could be manipulated in shape, speed and scale independently to reveal specific sections of distortion and finer details.

The glitch effects were also translated to a host of other video assets, including text based key selling messages, which accompany the hero motion pieces when displayed at various medical conferences.

Client: Sanofi Genzyme
Agency: Ward 6, Sydney
Art Direction: Holly Philip
Photography, Photoplay: Michael Corridore
Account Director: Christina Salisbury
Executive Producer, Photoplay: Alison Lydiard
Producer, Photoplay: Ross Colebatch
Senior Product Manager, Sanofi: Kirilly Middleton